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Top-Notch Residential Cleaning Services in Dubai

For a home to feel like the comfortable and safe haven that it should be, it is important to have complete cleanliness. Your home is the place for you to feel relaxed and comfortable and care should be taken to keep it clean at all times. Having tidy home exudes a feel-good vibe and is also important for preventing health and safety related complications. At Clean and Shine, we provide complete residential cleaning services  throughout Dubai to take care of all your home cleaning needs. We are committed towards giving you services that cover every facet of residential cleaning in the UAE. With our capabilities, you get the option to sit back and relax while we take care of all your cleaning requirements.

Professional Residential Cleaning Company in Dubai

At Clean and Shine, we value quality of service and customer satisfaction above all else. In keeping with this philosophy, we always try to put our best foot forward when it comes to providing excellent residential cleaning services in the Dubai. We provide thorough training to all our workers and educate them about the many different processes involved in achieving complete cleanliness for your home. We also provide them with the soft skills necessary to courteously interact with customers and to communicate effectively so as to understand their requirements and to meet them satisfactorily.

We use the latest technology when it comes to cleaning devices and source all our cleaning products from top brands through reputed and trusted vendors. We are aware of the environmental and health implications that can result from using cleaning products that have harsh chemicals, and do our best to keep our cleaning efforts green and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to make sure that your homes remain clean and you remain safe and disease-free. CleanandShine strives to keep providing you best in class cleaning services for residential homes in Dubai.

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Why Our Customers Choose Us?

Qualified Cleaning Staff

Our aim is to form lasting relationships with customers. we believe that consistency is the key to client satisfaction.

Professional Staff

All of our office cleaners in  Dubai are highly trained, motivated and valued professionals prepared to go the extra mile.

Affordable Rates

We have some of the lowest cleaning rates in Dubai, with a 100% transparent pricing policy. Unlike any other cleaning companies.

After Sales Service

We do not end a job until customer signs on a job as complete.


How much does residential cleaning cost in Dubai?